Is it Important to Remove the Denture at Night?

It is a question that deserves attention: should we remove his denture removable before going to bed? Several people give different opinions on the need to remove or not a dental prosthesis during the night. 

Remove the Removable Denture

Denturists advocate the removal of standard dentures during the night. Their recommendations are designed to protect your oral health. They also see to extend the life of your removable dentures in healthy conditions.

The daily withdrawal time recommended by denturologists varies between 6 and 8 hours. The gums and mouth can rest and stay healthy. Also, this period allows you to ensure the hygiene of your dentures. It is possible to clean and soak them to remove stains and bacteria during your sleep period.

However, under certain circumstances, there may be possible adjustments. Thus, edentulous patients who do not like to remove all of their dentures could keep their removable dental prosthesis from above. However, they would have to remove the bottom one to avoid many problems related, in particular, to hygiene.

It is a bit different for people who wear removable dentures on implants. Indeed, keeping or removing dentures on implants at night is then a matter of choice. Thanks to the stimulation of the implants, there is no pressure on the gums.

The Consequences of Keeping a Removable Denture at Night

Our teeth tighten during sleep, exerting pressure on the gums and dentures. For people who have their natural teeth or those who wear dentures on dental implants, this pressure has no adverse effects. 

Problems with tissues and bones

In people who keep their dentures removable for sleep, the squeeze has a detrimental effect on the bones of the jaw. Indeed, the pressure exerted by the dental prostheses causes early resorption of the bone. These changes to the jaw can, in the long run, change the appearance of the face and of course, weaken the stability of the prostheses. This decrease in the jaw bone is unfortunately irreversible.

Wearing dentures at all times may also cause premature wear of the artificial teeth of the denture. Indeed, the pressure of the jaws exerted during the night often creates exaggerated friction, which wears the teeth more quickly. Also, it increases the possibility of breaking the dental prosthesis by tightly gripping the teeth without realizing it.

Also, in these conditions, dental prostheses that are not removed interfere with the good flow of blood in the gums. Tissues can no longer be properly irrigated, reducing their ability to regenerate healthily. Some diseases can sometimes develop there.

Poor oral hygiene

During the night, we swallow less often. Saliva that seeps under the dentures remains trapped. The bacteria accumulate under the prostheses. Food debris can also collect there. 

The constant wearing of the removable dental prosthesis can thus cause inflammation of the gums and tartar on the prostheses. The tartar is then impossible to remove, become hard and apparent. In such a case, consultation with a denturologist is necessary to remove this tartar. 

Denturists recommend that you remove your removable denture at night, as this allows your gums to stay healthy. Also, you benefit from better oral hygiene, and your prostheses remain in better condition. 

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