Patient Testimonials

Dr. Schwartz is extremely well organized. Very little of your time is wasted in the waiting room. A 10 am appointment is exactly that. More important however than efficiency is competence… and Dr. Schwartz is a man who obviously loves his job and seems to be in a continual learning process. He talks enthusiastically about crowns, digital x-rays…and the latest advances in dentistry like someone else might discuss their favorite NFL team. He even has his patients put on a pair of glasses that protects the eyes as he works on your mouth (while holding those sharp tools of the trade)… A simple, cheap, yet effective innovation that all dentists should incorporate.

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Dear Dr. Schwartz:

Now that the shock has worn off, nearly a month later, I wanted to take a few moments to sit down and attempt the arduous task of expressing my gratitude. I struggle in choosing my words and it feels as though anything I say in this letter will fall significantly short of expressing how I truly feel. For as long as I can remember, I have felt an enormous sense of frustration-turned-despair with my appearance.

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“Since that first visit several years ago, Dr. Schwartz has treated me and guided me in maintaining the health of my mouth, which I’m very happy to say, is excellent. It’s very comforting to be under Dr. Schwartz’s care. He constantly employs the latest and improved techniques. His office is spotless and bright. April, his receptionist is friendly, courteous and efficient. Maria, his competent assistant, is like Dr. Schwartz’s third hand.”

‘A visit to Dr. Schwartz is like visiting family.”

– Milton S.

“I can honestly say that Dr. Schwartz’s approach to treating problems is highly focused, enthusiastic, resourceful, and modernistic. In today’s climate and age when work is often not done on a professional level Dr. Schwartz’s expertise is greatly appreciated. I am glad to say his efforts and concerns are held to the utmost degree.”

– Eliott S.

“Dr. Schwartz is indeed a dentist worthy to be recommended to everyone – men, women and children who appreciate the best care.”

– Karl F.

“I can’t thank you enough for your expertise, not only for me, but for my entire family. Your patience, care and guidance have made going to the dentist a pleasurable experience for everyone.”

– Michael L.

“Your office is the first that I have ever been to that doesn’t make me nervous or uncomfortable. I have always been a very nervous patient around doctors but you are great. You always make me feel calm and confident that everything is going to to be fine and I will be well taken care of.”

– Lauren L.

“I appreciate your professionalism and dedication to me as a patient and most importantly as a person. As a result of your intervention, I feel a renewed confidence and enjoy a youthful appearance.”

– Isabel R.

“You always answered our questions about the procedures that you used to treat our teeth. Also, your attention to detail and commitment to quality is exceptional.”

– Charles Z.

“After spending so many months in your dental chair you still make me feel like I’m your only patient. Your caring, integrity, focus on detail and perfection has given me a new bite, healthy gums and a confident smile.”

– Judith M.