Inlays and Onlays at AJS Dental

At AJS Dental, we use inlays and onlays to repair teeth that have been damaged due to trauma or decay. Inlays and onlays offer an alternative solution to composite fillings and are more conservative than crowns. Reasons why you may need an inlay or onlay include:

  • You have teeth that are broken or fractured
  • You need a cosmetic enhancement or you need to fix your bite
  • You have decayed teeth
  • Your fillings have fractured
  • You have large fillings that need to be removed and replaced

What Are Inlays and What Does the Procedure Involve?

Porcelain is the most popular option for inlays because it resembles your natural teeth. Inlays are commonly used to repair teeth that have large cavities that need to be filled. During your procedure for inlays, your dentist will remove any existing filling and decay. Your dentist will then shape your tooth in order to make room for the inlay. Impressions of your teeth will be made, and a dental lab will create your inlay. After we receive your inlay, you will come in to have it cemented into place.

What Are Onlays and What Does the Procedure Involve?

Onlays are sometimes referred to as partial crowns because they work similarly to crowns, but require less enamel to be removed. The only difference between an onlay and inlay is that onlays include the cusp of the tooth. The procedure for onlays is the same as the procedure for inlays.

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